The Dining

Museo is the sole genius mastermind behind the innovative range of casual fine-dining concept dishes. Food presentation of all of the dishes will be heavily emphasized on, with Museo adapting the never-heard-before concept of serving fine-dining food in delicate glass jars.

Museo’s dining-in-a-cup concept will not only inject a sense of novelty into eating and reinvent the casual-fine dining scene, but also create greater convenience for the new generation of diners who prefer a more intimate and spontaneous atmosphere even when dining formally.

Museo has worked extensively with culinary veterans and our own team of food consultants to come up with this innovative food menu which is finely integrated into the entire restaurant concept. With our insistence on not only the quality of the food but also in every aspect of food presentation and delicate flavorings, dining at Museo is definitely a much-anticipated affair with our lunch, afternoon tea and dinner offerings.

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