Art Jam

Plan your special occasion with us and create a memorable creative experience for you and your guests

Experience art jamming, the latest rave in Shanghai! Being a therapeutic and liberating activity which aims to provide an outlet for the innate sense of creativity within every individual, art jamming successfully satisfy the creative and social needs of all urbanites.

Perfect for all, regardless of age, art jamming is also an incredible social and engaging activity which is sure to increase interaction and bonds between co-workers, friends and couples! That being said, it’s the perfect activity for events such as corporate team-bonding, children birthday parties and hen’s nights!

$38++ Each art session

Includes one standard 38 x 38 cm cotton canvas and unlimited flow of acrylic paint. Paint palette and apron are provided.


  • One set of brushes.
  • One takeaway wet paint canvas box.

View the Team building PDF

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